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Officers:Seaxes & Viking War Knives

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[[File:Regia Seax AO.jpg|left|thumb|300px|Seax Dimensions]]
'''New Ruling from 1st Jan 2016'''<br>
*For events after 900AD blunt combat hadseax (Scramasax) blade lengths must now be between 18cm and 25cm (7-10”). This replaces the original ruling as stated in the Master-at-Arms Regulations version 3.0 (2005) stating 7-14”.<br>
*The evidence from Regia’s core period is that sharp blade lengths vary from between 7-11”. Blunting the point for combat reduces the length by 1”.
*Longer blades of up to 14” (sharp) or 13” (blunt) of the appropriate blade form are allowed for events before 900AD.<br>
*Seaxs from the Viking Age never have metal fittings unlike those from the earlier pagan Anglo-Saxon period. <br>
*Seax handles must not be riveted on.<br>
==Military Training==
Training Stamps - All new members are classed as trainees and must use shield and a two-handed spear and use a hadseax
Using in 'Armoured Man Melees' - Hadseaxs can only be used as a last resort/finishing off weapon.
==Master at Arms==
Regia-AO, Regia-Officers, bureaucrat, administrator

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