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List of Bugs

  1. Template:Pin-Tile. Pinterest style images do not display correctly in Android.
    1. CSS overflow:hidden does not work when the element is relative or absolute position.
  2. Top Menu. "More" button displays in dark grey. Change it to white.
    1. Needs adding to page MediaWiki:Vector.css

List of Development Tasks

  1. Find a backup solution
  2. Add Nav bar to the Wiki pages
    Dev Menu Project.png
    1. Look at Extension:MegaMenu
  3. Add a New Page Template feature
    1. Auto add the Top and Bottom templates to any new page
    2. Prompt user for page type: Article, etc
    3. Look at Extension:MultiBoilerplate
  4. Add a better Citation solution
  5. Add login using Facebook account
  6. Improve Rightside Navbar to make it full height of page.
  7. Find a way to auto size Nav menu images on mobile devices.

List of Administration Tasks

  1. Add Help pages