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The Warrior System

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A Standard Battle
:This is the final battle. It will be fully competitive, with commanders able to deploy all of their combatants and any tactics they see fit. The hearth troop will fight with their commander.
===Single CombatChampion Fights=== Warriors and Warlords There may be a Champions Fight included in the script. Each commander will have an additional option nominated a Champion to engage in single combat before the watching armies.Champions should have attained Warrior rank and will agree the format for theChampions Fight prior to the Third Clashbattle. Instead of volunteering as Marked MenThis can either be a scripted and choreographed show fight, they may arrange or a Single Combat with a Warrior or Warlord from competitive free fight. However, it must prioritise an impressive display over the other sidecompetitive result.
==The Code of Conduct==

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