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The Warrior System

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Level 4 – Warlord
===Level 4 – Warlord===
''(to be assessed by National Officers only)''
The rank of Warlord may be assigned by the Military Training Officer to any
combatant whose military prowess, equipment, and conduct stand as an example to
the Society.
It has already been decided that a fourth level The rank of Warlord is an honorary rank will be created, awarded to those who exemplify what we do on the highest rank that can be earned for battlefield. It is given to those who routinely go above and beyond the battlefieldalready high standards of Regia.
HoweverA Warlord receives no combat advantage for his rank, since we have no intention neither is he automatically assured of creating any combatants to command. They may be recognised by a white silk scarf. Once awarded the rank remains as long as the member is of good standing within the society, unless rescinded.  """How a Warlord during is Chosen""":Any member may nominate a combatant for the first season rank of Warlord by speaking to the new formatMilitary Training Officer, Authenticity Officer, decisions regarding or Master at Arms. A discussion will then take place among the criteria for promotion groups listed below.The rank of Warlord may be assigned to Warlordany combatant member of the society with the agreement of: The current Military Training Officer, Authenticity Officer, Master at Arms, and any reward achieved existing holders of the rank of Warlord.  '''Personal Specifications'''All kit will be of exemplary standard, with zero tolerance for doing so, have been shelved until badly maintained equipment. It will be almost exclusively from the end "recommended" section of 2005the authenticity guidelines. It is felt This does not mean thatall kit must be high status, after just that it must be to a season under high level of authenticity.The conduct of the Warlord must be above reproach. They play to the spirit rather than the letter of the rules. They are graceful in victory and defeat. They are welcoming to new combat rulesmembers, we and willing to help on the battlefield. They are humble and modest.A Warlord will excel at some aspect of the battlefield. This is usually combative, show fighting or commanding, but may be in a much better position to decide upon this important mattersomething completely different.
==The Battle – A New Game==

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