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The Warrior System

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'''Hearth Troop'''
:''“Then Byrhtnoth began to array men there … when he had fairly arrayed his troops, he
dismounted among them where it most pleased him, where he knew his hearth-band
most loyal.” Battle of Maldon 20-25''
The Hearth Troop represents the personal retinue of their Lord, and is the closest thing to the modern perception of professional warriors. They will be some of the best equipped warriors on the field, and the most cohesive fighting unit. They are believed to have eaten with their lord, slept in his hall, and shared in his fortune. The ties that bind lord and hearth troop should not be underestimated.
Where appropriate battles may include a Hearth Troop for the Commander. Members assigned to a Hearth Troop should do their best to behave in a the way such a troop would have behaved, rather than seeking greatest competitive advantage.
Rules of the Hearth Troop:
The commander may appoint a hearth troop of those properly attired who have attained the rank of warrior.
The Hearth Troop will fight as a unit with their commander and shall not leave his side.
If the commander falls, the Hearth Troop shall remember their vows. They will advance or die over the body of their fallen lord.
"""Role on the Battlefield"""
""He held a firm resolve while with his hands he could yet hold his shield and broad sword he fulfilled his vow when he had to fight beside his lord.""
Not mere bodyguards, in a warrior culture the commander was expected to share in the dangers of battle. And the Hearth Troop were sworn to fight alongside him. They do not separate but remain alongside, fighting as a unit, where the fighting is naturally at its thickest and most furious.
===Level 4 – Warlord===

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