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The Warrior System

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Level 3 – Warrior – 3 Hits
:'''Training (MTO)'''
:A full weapon’s pass with a short arm i.e. (sword, axe or langseax) with a helmet. A Battlefield Safe Test in one other Short Arm.
:'''War-gear Wargear (MaA)'''
:You must own your own helmet, maille, spear, shield and short arm.
:'''Kit and Authenticity (AO)''':
Soft kit as per the Militia, but with some ethnic, character or period specific items of kit for certain shows. Generic kit can be retained for shows where that is not appropriate. All kit to be made of good quality materials and exhibit good quality workmanship. No item of kit classed as unacceptable during its phasing out period
===Note 1===
You have 3 hits while wearing maille and a helmet. If you are not then you have 2 hits and act as Militia.
====Authenticity Officer’s Note====
Members seeking to advance to Warrior level should first ask an Authenticity Deputy for advice and have their kit examined. That Deputy will then, if appropriate, recommend the promotion to the National Authenticity Officer who will normally approve the promotion.
'''Hearth Troop'''
===Level 4 – Warlord===

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