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The Warrior System

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Level 3 – Warrior – 3 Hits
===Level 3 – Warrior – 3 Hits ===
‘Warriors’ are professional, often noble, fighting troopsA warrior represents the highest social class on the battlefield. Unlike You would have held at least the lower ranksrank of Thegn (Anglo-Saxons and Vikings) or Miles (Norman) and, as such, they are fighting because they want you would have been a noble whose position in society was linked toyour responsibility to serve your lord or King in war. With victory will come wealthYou would have been well equipped, landstrained, and advancement. They are armoured; motivated fighting men who live in for warfare, forming the halls true backbone of their Lords. They are possessed with any army and acting as a lust for battle and some leader of them hope to be Warlords themselves in the fullness of time. The curve of promotion steepens here. Fewer allowances will be made for poor quality kit. All kit and equipment should come from, at least, the ‘acceptable’ columns on kit specsmen.
'''Note 1:''' A helmet is now a requirement for a combatant in order to take a sidearm test.

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