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The Warrior System

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Level 2 – Militia – 2 Hits
===Level 2 – Militia – 2 Hits===
The Militia are paid professionalsrepresent higher ranking freemen and the lower ranks of nobility. For them, soldiering is more This rank encompasses the varied social roles found within that broad strata of an occupation than society. You are a calling. They guard walls quite man of means, well equipped, and have had training in combat. While you might own land you are happy enough primarily a warrior. You would be a warrior who farmed when the advantage is on their sidenot serving in war, but don’t expect too many heroics – they really aren’t paid enough for that. When hit twice, they may crawl around; retire wounded or run offrather than a farmer who fought.  '''Your Role on the Battlefield''' Before you can begin your career in the Militia, you will need:
:'''Training (MTO)'''
:A full weapon’s pass in spear and shield, with or without a backhand scramseaxseax pass.
:'''Wargear (MaA)'''
:Your own spear and shield, manufactured to at least the minimum acceptable standard.
:'''Kit and Authenticity (AO)'''
:A tunic, belted and rucked to the knee. Trousers or Hose – hose that are tight to the leg or with leg bindings. Colours should be from the poor or ‘middle-class’ end of the colour chartwraps. Shoes. At least one authentic name/character. You must own your own kit.
===Level 3 – Warrior – 3 Hits ===

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