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The Warrior System

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Level 1 – Freeman – 2 Hits
==The Requirements of Rank==
===Level 1 – Freeman – 2 Hits ===
You are a new member, with little or no kit of your own, who is training in spear and shield. You are a member of the Levy Freeman – welcome to the army!
The right to bear arms during the Viking age was limited to the higher ranks of society. So while you might be the lowest rank on the Regia battlefield, you are still a man of means. You are a free man, drawn from framers and independent land holders. You will have had some level of training, and are equipped for war.
Progression to the next level will be after the Freeman has been signed off as having achieved the basic requirements for the field by an MaA Deputy; an Authenticity Deputy, and a Training Deputy. National Officers will be equally willing to sign off members of the Levy alsoFreeman.
:'''Training (MTO)'''

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