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The Warrior System

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The Hits System
==The Hits System==
Central Hits are assigned to combatants based on their rank within the new format is a change to a multiple Regia Warrior system. The total hits systembeing either 2 or 3. This meansthat the old ‘armour rules’ system, where warriors could ignore strikes Two hits are assigned to theirarms Rank 1 (Freeman) and legs according to their armour, Rank 2 (Militia). While a combatant that has been discontinued.Now, all combatants play by the same rules, regardless of the armour they arewearing.However, combatants will be graded at various ranks, and will receive a numberof hits (initially 1-signed off for Rank 3) based upon their battlefield rank (See the ranking systemWarrior).The and is wearing of armour now forms part of the new ranking structure. However,other considerations, such as training maille and quality of general kit, join with thearmour a helmet will be entitled to determine the number of 3 hits that a combatant can take.
===Scoring a Hit===
consistently abusing the system, then you, or your group leader, should inform
a training officer as soon as possible. That combatant’s behaviour can then be
observed and scrutinised.Having stated the above, If combatants are insistentabout counting and enquiring after every hit, then it is likely that they will find thenew format somewhat frustrating. The new format will require some changesto fighting styles and tactics, and most importantly – attitudes. Such a changewill require time and some patience on the part of all combatants, but the endresult will be very worthwhile.
{{Special Mention Box|Caption= Fight with honour and sportsmanship.<br>
The above implies that if a hit is dubious or invalid the recipient may simply ignore it, without explanation, and continue fighting. This is entirely true. When you score a strike, you should not pause and wait for the hit to take effect - rather you should continue to fight, even if this means that your enemy receives more hits than they can actual ‘take’. This is a far more authentic attitude to combat.
Where a hit is delivered so as to have the appearance of significant lethal intent you are strongly encouraged to take this as all of your hits. Examples include a sword slash right across the torso, or a spear thrust inside the opponents guard pushed home with simulated lethal character. However this remains at the discretion of the recipient of these hits.
However where the strike is to the torso from a daneaxe, and simulates lethal character, this will count as all of your hits and is mandatory. This reflects the particularly devastating effect of the daneaxe as a weapon.
Here are some examples to help.

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