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Master at Arms
# The handgrip of the sword from crossguard to pommel should not exceed the width of the user’s gloved hand by more than (2.5cm).
# Less common patterns of swords (Norwegian single-edged etc.) will be judged on an individual basis and may only be used by Vikings of Warrior status.To have a single edged sword your kit must be mainly Viking in provenance. Just calling yourself a Viking is not sufficient!
# Sword fittings can be decorated with inlay or punch work however the style of decorationvaries depending on the time frame and nationality being portrayed # Viking sword should be suspended on a baldric rather than a sword belt.
# The 2mm edge rule also applies to cross guards and pommels
# Swords taken onto the battlefield must be scabbarded. Sword scabbards may be decorated with raised moulding but they may not be painted (although existing painted scabbards are currently allowable). Very simple tooling is also acceptable.
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