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What is fairly safe to say is that building upon the knowledge of the multitudes of people who have inhabited this island, the Saxons and the Vikings were extremely aware of what properties the various plants and vegetation could be put to. This does not mean though that they knew why something was necessarily good for the user, or bad, however, just because they did not understand the mechanics of their actions meant that they were in some shape or form stupid. I am readily typing this to add to the world wide web, but I am clueless as to how this computer does what it does. So call me stupid.
<gallery>Apple.gif|ApplesWoad.gif|Woad (used for dying, producing a blue colour)Bilberry.gif|BilberriesMadder.gif|Madder (produces many hues of red, brown and orange)</gallery>  ''Original article by Roland Williamson 1999<br>Illustrations by Colin Levick''
Regia-Officers, bureaucrat, administrator

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