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ME Men - English
<section begin=ME0008 />{{Pin-Tile
|Image= L-M-TedJ-AT.jpg
|Title= Square Neck AD980‑1078AD980‑1079
|Caption = Square keyhole neck-holes are popular in England and Denmark during the C11th. This example is highly embroidered in Winchester style decoration and would have been worn by a lord.
|By = by Bekka Griffiths
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|Image= English Thegn by Ted Jones © Rich Price.jpg
|Title= English Thegn AD980‑1078AD980‑1079
|Caption =
|By = Ted
}}<section end=ME0011 />
<section begin=ME0012 />{{Pin-Tile
|Image= Embroidered Neck Opening by Tom Robinson © Gavin Archer.JPG
|Title= Embroidered Tunic AD900‑1079
|Caption = Embroidered in a typically Christian vine scroll motif.
|By = Ted
|Ref= ME0012
}}<section end=ME0012 />
===MV Men - Viking===
Regia-AO, Regia-Officers, bureaucrat, administrator

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