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WE Women - English
<Section begin=WE0008 />{{Pin-Tile
|Image= L-A-KatD-AT.jpg
|Title=Angevin High Status Lady AD1179‑1215AD1180‑1215 |Caption = Gown with tailored bodice, very full skirt with long hem. Magyar style sleeve shown, tight at the wrist and forearm, looser on the upper arm. Tablet woven belt with silver buckle and strap end. Annular brooch on underdress at neck. Open faced veil, with a barbette.
|By= Kat
|Ref= WE0008
<Section begin=WE0009 />{{Pin-Tile
|Image= L-A-KatDCloak-AT.jpg
|Title=Angevin High Status Lady AD1179‑1215AD1180‑1215 |Caption = Gown tight at the body with full skirt and Magyar sleeves and a tablet woven belt. Semi-circular cloak, tied open across the chest. Oval open faced wimple with barbette.
|By= Kat
|Ref= WE0009
Regia-AO, Regia-Officers, bureaucrat, administrator

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