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JD Jewellery - Disc Brooches
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|Image= L-M-Cloisonne-GA.jpg
|Title=Cloisonne Cloisonné Brooch AD980‑1120 |Caption = These small and delicate copper-alloy and glass brooches were probably worn as decoration or possibly as protective amulets by women in south-east England, Denmark and Frisia.
|By= by John Shulver
|Ref= JD0003
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|Image= L-M-MammenBrooch-AT.jpg
|Title=Square Mammen Brooch AD960‑1025 |Caption = A Mammen style bird design. Rectangular brooches derive from Carolingian fashion and are generally found in Germany and the Netherlands. A few rectangular brooches have been found in the East of England and may be of local manufacture.
|By= by Roland Williamson
|Ref= JD0004
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