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CE Warriors - English
<section begin=CE0002 />{{Pin-Tile
|Image= L-M-TomR-AT.jpg
|Title=English Warrior AD900‑1079 |Caption = A professional warrior, with a mail shirt, sword and seax. His woad dyed cloak is closed by an typical English disc brooch.
|By = Tom
|Ref= CE0002
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|Image= L-M-DanD-AT.jpg
|Title=English Warrior AD900‑1150 |Caption = For defence he has a mail shirt, a conical helmet and a lenticular shaped round shield. He carries a spear and a Wheeler type 'VI' sword suspended from his belt.
|By = Dan
|Ref= CE0005
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|Image= L-M-SteveE-PA.jpg
|Title=English Thegn AD980‑1179 |Caption = Warrior with lenticular curved shield and armed with an English sword and angular shaped spear.
|By = Steve
|Ref= CE0006
Regia-AO, Regia-Officers, bureaucrat, administrator

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