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Gallery:Very Early - Men

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{{Pin-Tile #lst:Gallery|Image= Frisian by Gary Golding © Alan Tidy.jpg |Title= Frisian AD793‑899 |Caption = He wears distinctive Frisian fashion, a 'pill box' hat, buckled leather garter straps and a 'pallia fresonica' or Frisian cloak. |Height-Img=300px |By=Gary ([[AT]])M00005}}{{Pin-Tile |Image= Carolingian_Archer_by_Gavin_Archer_©_Louise_Archer.JPG |Title=Carolingian Tunic and hat |Caption = #lst:Gallery|Height-Img=200px |By= Gav ([[LA]])M00006}}{{Pin-Tile |Image= English Thegn by Patrick O'connell © Alan Tidy.jpg |Title=English Thegn AD793‑1180 |Caption = This Lord wears a madder dyed tunic and cloak. The neck and cuffs of his tunic are decorated in tablet weave and his cloak is closed with a large disc brooch. |Height-Img=320px #lst:Gallery|By= Pat ([[AT]])}} <!-- Copy and paste more {{Pin-TileM00003}} templates here -->
Regia-AO, Regia-Officers, bureaucrat, administrator

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