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Gallery:Generic - Women

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{{Pin-Tile #lst:Gallery|Image= Woven Cloth Sock by Louise Archer.JPG |Title=Woven Cloth Sock |Caption = |By= by Louise ArcherAS0001}}{{Pin-Tile |Image= L-E-AnaShoe-AD.jpg #lst:Gallery|Title=Shoe AD850‑1050 |Caption = Simple slip on shoes like these have been found in England, Ireland and Denmark. |By= by Ana DeisslerAH0003}}{{Pin-Tile |Image= Cap by Steph Everest © Mike South.jpg #lst:Gallery|Title=Cap |Caption = |By= AK0001}}{{Pin-Tile #lst:Gallery|Image= Naalbound Sock by Louise Archer.JPG |Title=Naalbound Sock |Caption = |By= by Louise ArcherAK0002}}{{Pin-Tile |Image= Naalbound Sock by Carole Tidy.JPG |Title=Naalbound Sock |Caption = #lst:Gallery|By= by Carole TidyAK0003}}
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