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Angevin - Men

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==WomenMen's Fashion AD 1180-1215==The primary garment is the tunic. Its skirt comes to the knee cap or just above and it’s always worn tight to the forearm and wrist. Neck-holes are either round or oval and often have a keyhole opening. Most tunics are undecorated. Many men cover their hair with either a linen coif. Straw hats and hoods are also worn by working men. Long belts become fashionable, knotted or buckled at the waist and long enough to hang past the knees. Leg coverings, if worn at all, should be tight to the leg and are footed hose and braies. The leg bindings of the previous centuries are no longer worn. Shoes or low boots are of the simple, two-part turn shoe construction. Most are low, coming to the ankle or below. Some wear boots that are slightly higher, coming up to the mid-calf and closed by either 3 laces or by toggles. The ring style annular brooch is now almost worn exclusively having replaced the disc brooches of the previous centuries.
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