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Early - Men

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==English Men's Fashion AD 900-979==
[[File:900-979 Men.jpg|thumb|left|150px220px|]]
The primary garment is the tunic. Its skirt comes to the knee cap or just above and it’s always worn tight to the forearm and wrist. Neck-holes are either round, oval or v-shaped, and can have a keyhole opening. Decoration, in the form of facings, embroidery or tablet weave, can be applied to the cuffs and neck-hole but not around the hem of the skirt. Tunics are usually made from wool but can also be from linen.
==Viking Men's Fashion AD 900-979==
[[File:900-979 VMen.jpg|thumb|left|150px220px|]]
Viking men’s fashion of the 10th century varies little from that of the English and does not change as dramatically as it does for women. Viking men from England are quick to adopt more Christian fashions such as disc brooches and hose and braies.
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