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Early - Women

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==English Women's Fashion AD 900-979==
[[File:900-979 Women.jpg|thumb|left|150px220px|]]
The traditional long scarf veil is worn by Christian women, both in England and across Europe. It is worn loosely draped over the head and wrapped around the shoulders whilst leaving the neck showing. Equally popular in England is the more hood like wimple.
==Viking Women's Fashion AD 900-979==
[[File:900-979 VWomen.jpg|thumb|left|150px220px|]]
Most Vikings are now third or more generation settlers and are Christian. They still retain their strong ties to Denmark and Norway and could best be described as being 'Anglo-Danes' or ‘Hiberno-Norse’. These Anglicised Viking women generally dress just like English women, but with their jewellery reflecting Viking art styles.
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