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Mid - Men

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Men's Fashion AD 980-1041
==Men's Fashion AD 980-1041==
[[File:980-1041 Men.jpg|thumb|left|150px220px|]]
The primary garment is the tunic. Its skirt comes to the knee cap or just above and it’s always worn tight to the forearm and wrist. Neck-holes are either round, oval or square, and can have a keyhole opening. The square keyhole neck-hole is very fashionable. Decoration, in the form of facings, embroidery, silk strips or tablet weave, can be applied to the cuffs and neck-hole. Embroidery is sometimes applied to the tunic’s skirt but never around its hem. Tunics are usually made from wool but can also be from linen.
Regia-AO, Regia-Officers, bureaucrat, administrator

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