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''For blades over 14" in length see [[Langseax]]''<br>
''For blades under 7" in length see [[Knife]]''<br>
[[File:Seax_GA.jpg|left|thumb|300px|A Seax and Sheath]]
The short '''Seax''' is also known as a '''Scramasax''', a '''Hadseax''' or just a '''Sax'''. The term Scramasax comes from Gregory of Tours writing in AD 575, who speaks of "boys with strong knives (cultris validis), which they commonly call scramasaxes (scramasaxos)." in his History of the Franks (IV, 52). It is not known if this name continued in use into the Viking Age. <br>
Regia-AO, Regia-Officers, bureaucrat, administrator

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