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Frequently Asked Questions

This document is intended to answer the frequently asked questions posed by Regia members wanting to come to Wychurst for the first time. If it fails in this task, then please email wychurst@regia.org, and I shall do my best.

How do work weekends work?

The Wychurst Project Co-ordinator (WPC) is the backbone of the project and has the overview of what the current main tasks are. He has the final say on which direction the project proceeds.

He is supported by subject-matter-experts who lead the various tasks.

Nobody “tells” anyone what to do, but if you arrive with no real expectation of what you want to do, but just want to help, go find the WPC and ask them. And if they aren’t there, find something that’s happening and ask if they need any help. Turning up Friday night, or during breakfast on Saturday, gives you the chance to ask these questions.

And for a feel on how things have progressed in the past, visit https://regia.org/wychurst/diary.php

What should I bring?

  • Sturdy boots. Preferably work boots if you have them (steel toe caps / insole).
  • Gloves (Gardening or Work variety) and protective eyewear.
  • Hardhats are only recommended for those working around construction at high level – so they aren’t necessary at normal work weekends.
  • Clothes for all weather types. We have never cancelled a work weekend due to weather, though we have hidden from it on occasion.
  • Sunscreen: As generally speaking, we work outdoors.

Where do I sleep?

Camping: There is plenty of space. The site isn’t perfectly level, so be careful to place your tent between the dips. Camping can be done in most areas on site, but if you aren't sure, please ask. Unless mentioned specifically in the calling notice, the camp sites near the scout hall are not for use, as they require booking with the Scout Warden.

Longhall: Yes, you can crash in the longhall.

Scout Hall: More often than not, we have access to a scout hall, which is 200 metres from the longhall. It has toilets, a huge kitchen and enough floor space to cope with a couple of dozen people.

Do I get fed?

Yes, three times a day. A cooked breakfast with tea, coffee and squash provided. The breakfast is usually a couple of rashers of bacon and an egg, served with a bread roll. Lunch is either a soup and a roll during winter, or sandwiches in the summer. There are also crisps and cakes. Finally, there is dinner and dessert in the evening.

If prior notice is given, food intolerances are catered for, as are vegetarians.

What is the timetable?

People can start arriving Friday evening. Check the Wychurst Facebook Group page for exact times that the site will be open. On Friday night you are responsible for your own eating arrangements. There are a couple of pubs/supermarkets nearby. The scout hall kitchen is free for all to use.

The weekend-proper starts about 09:30hrs on Saturday. Breakfast is from 08:00 until 09:00hrs. Lunch is served down at the scout hall around 13:00hrs. And Dinner is between 7pm and 8pm, depending on the time of year (we work longer hours in the summer). We finish on Sunday, at about 15:00hrs, after lunch has been had and the scout hall is emptied.

Do I have to come for all the weekend?

Come for as long or as short as you like, but projects pretty much start winding down after Sunday lunch, and your memories of Wychurst will consist of mopping the scout hall floor!

How can I help?

Apart from catering, all the jobs require a certain amount of physical exertion. The majority of these jobs are advertised prior to each work weekend, when the calling notice is sent out. If there is something you think you can do to help, that isn’t mentioned, then let the organiser (usually the coordinator) know.

Where is it?

Access to Wychurst is only available to Regia members. It’s near Herne Bay in Kent. For more exact directions either contact your Group Leader or else download the pdf of this document from the Wychurst Facebook group.



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