Women's Ecclesiastical Clothing

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Women's Ecclesiastical Clothing

Women's Ecclesiastical Clothing

Nun's garb is rarely shown in illustrations, but when it is it seems to have been broadly similar to the simpler forms of everyday woman's costume, but usually included a 'holy veil' , often with a fillet, and of course would have been of sombre colours. The term rift is often used of nun's clothing, and came to stand for the religious life, much as we may speak of a woman 'taking the veil' today.

Nun AD 793-1215 (All Periods)

AD 793-1215 (All Periods)
by Jane Wheatley (AT}

Gilbertine Nun AD 1130-1540 (Very Late to Angevin)

Gilbertine Nun
AD 1130-1540 (Very Late to Angevin)
by Catherine Stallybrass (AT}



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