Viking Women

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Viking Women

Viking Women

Many reconstructions of how Vikings appeared that can be found in books or on the internet are based on out of date concepts and theories. Please be careful before you use any of these to base your kit on. Vikings from Denmark, Norway or Hiberno-Norse areas are encouraged. Members wishing to portray Viking characters from Sweden or Gotland should be willing to make the extra effort to explain to members of the public why they look so different.

No items found only from Gotland unless representing a character from Gotland and wearing 100% accurate Gotland kit. Not every Viking woman wore a hangerock set. Viking kit is generally not that dissimilar to Generic Anglo-Saxon clothing but with a few subtle differences:

No wimples if you’re a Viking. Go bare haired (if you have natural coloured hair) or else you can wear a cap or simple scarf. If you’re a Christian from England or Frisia then wear a pala or veil.


No head covering needs to be worn if a full Hangerock set is worn and the member’s hair is at least shoulder length and naturally coloured. No Viking fur brimmed hats.

Viking Bare Hair

VIKING Very Early to Early (RESTRICTED)
Viking women do not have to cover their hair provided a full Hangerock set is worn and the member’s hair is at least shoulder length and naturally coloured.

Viking Hair Style

Viking Hair Style
by Louise Archer

Viking Cap

Very Early to Early
Also called Coppergate or Dublin caps. These may be worn by Vikings on or off the Wic.
A simple cloth cap often tied or perhaps pinned in place. Sizes vary between 14x38cm (5½“x15”) to 18x59cm (7“x23¼”).
Viking women have the option of wearing caps made from wool, linen or even silk as an alternative to going bare haired and are not restricted to just wearing them on the Wic.

Viking Cap

Viking Cap
by Louise Archer

Viking Headscarf

VIKING Very Early to Early
A simple rectangle of cloth that can either be worn as a headscarf or by folding it into thirds, as a headband. The short ends of the rectangle are usually tasselled. May be worn by Vikings on or off the Wic.
Sizes vary between 15x60cm (6“x23½”) to 24x70cm (9½“x27½”).

Viking Headscarf Worn by Viking women

Viking Headscarf
Worn by Viking women
by Louise Archer

Viking Sprang Hairnet

VIKING Very Early to Early (Allowable) (RESTRICTED)
Bare hair held up in a ‘bun’ by the use of a sprang hairnet. The same restrictions apply as for bare hair above.

Sprang Hairnet

Sprang Hairnet
by Steph Everest

Under Shifts

See Generic Kit
Viking Under Shifts are the same as described in Generic Kit


Viking Women's Fashion by Period

For more information regarding getting the correct look for different Regia periods see the below pages:
AD 793-899 AD 900-979



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