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<div style="display: inline-block; height: 60px; overflow:Hidden;">
<div style="Text-Align:left; height: 50px; overflow:Hidden;">
<div style="display: inline-block; width: 50px; padding:3px 5px 0px 0px;">[[File:Icon_Facebook.png|40px|link=Facebook]]</div>
  <div style="float:left; width: 50px; padding:4px; text-align:center;">[[File:Icon_Facebook.png|40px|link=Facebook]]</div>Regia members can discuss this on the '''[https://www.facebook.com/{{{Path}}} {{{Name}}}]''' group.
<div style="display: inline-block;">Regia members can discuss this on the '''[https://www.facebook.com/{{{Path}}} {{{Name}}}]''' Facebook group.</div></div>

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Icon Facebook.png
Regia members can discuss this on the {{{Name}}} group.