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The Warrior System

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A Standard Battle
First Clash – Display only.
:The two armies take the field. After a parlay and an exchange of missiles the two side will close for the display clash.
Second Clash – Competitive Fight All combatants have only one hit in this Display Only :There may be a second display clash. This is a battle fought as a line, with no outflanking. When hit, the combatants simply step back a few yards, appearing, perhaps, will be similar to nurse minor injuries. One of the Commanders must signal that they have lost this first clash by waving their standard or by giving another agreed signal. If a decision cannot be reached, the two commanders will parley and fight the Second Clash againoften may include show tactics such as a boar snout.
Third Clash – Display only Probing Clash: In this clash, The Marked Men (see below) the armies will live or dieadvance in a tight shieldwall, according to with only the outcome of commanders remaining behind the Second Clashline. Also any Single Combats (see below) may occurThis is a chance to probe the opponents line and discover their strength and determination to fight. This is down without flanking or breakthroughs. The dead stay where they liecommanders will pull their lines apart after an agreed length of time, or if one side gains a distinct advantage. AlsoIf you take all of your hits at this point, other handpicked persons you will feign woundsdie. This Lost hits will not affect their hits in carry over the the final final clash.
Fourth Clash – Competitive Fight :This is the final final battle, where the combatants employ their full number of hit points. At least one side It will have lost one or two men as a result of losing the Second Clashbe fully competitive, and they will suffer from that deficit at the beginning of the Fourth Clash. ===Marked Men===with commanders able toTo help alleviate the age old problem of having several clashes without losing a single man, only to see every combatant suddenly keel over at the end of the show, the ‘Marked Men’ game has been introduced. This is essentially a gamble. Each side will be required to produce a proportionate number of volunteers (usually no more than ten per cent deploy all of their field strength) of Militia class or above (for their own safety, untested members of the Levy may not volunteer). These volunteers enter a gambit situation. If their side loses in the Second Clash, then the volunteer must ‘die’ during the Third Clash – hopefully in as noticeable combatants and spectacular a fashion as possibleany tactics they see fit. They then remain dead on the field for the rest of the display, taking no part in the final battle. However, if their side wins during the Second Clash, they get the reward of an extra hit in the final battle, hence a Militia man The hearthtroop will have three hits while a combatant of Warrior class will be fighting fight with four hits in the Fourth Clash.  '''Notes'''* Members of the Levy cannot volunteer to be Marked Men. * Militia do not have to volunteer, however, to move up to the next rank they do need to volunteer on at least one occasion per season.* Warriors have to volunteer on at least one occasion per seasontheir commander.
===Single Combat===
Warriors and Warlords have an additional option in the Third Clash. Instead of volunteering as Marked Men, they may arrange a Single Combat with a Warrior or Warlord from the other side.  This can take several forms. All are equally valid and encouraged; * A pre-arranged and rehearsed, choreographed show-fight, where the outcome of the Third Clash decides the winner. * A freeform fight where the outcome of the Second Clash decides the winner. * A fully competitive, one-on-one fight - up to two hits, winner survives into the final clash.  In each case the winner takes an extra hit in the Fourth Clash, taking them up to four hits.  Note: Volunteers to be Marked Men and arrangements for Single Combats must be agreed at muster before the battle begins.
==The Code of Conduct==

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