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The Warrior System

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Level 1 – Levy – 1 Hit
==The Requirements of Rank==
===Level 1 – Levy Freeman 1 Hit 2 Hits ===You are a new member, with little or no kit of your own, who is training in spear and shield. You are a member of the Levy – welcome to the army!  The Levy is composed right to bear arms during the Viking age was limited to the higher ranks of peasantssociety. Drafted more out So while you might be the lowest rank on the Regia battlefield, you are still a man of desperation for numbers than for any military advantagemeans. Depending upon their ethnic backgroundYou are a free man, they have been largely pressed into service drawn from framers and in the main, would rather be doing anything other than fighting on the battlefieldindependent land holders. A member You will have had some level of the Levy can take only one hit. When hit once, they die outrighttraining, cover up and do not moveare equipped for war.  Progression to the next level will be after the Levy Freeman has been signed off as having achieved the basic requirements for the field by an MaA Deputy; an Authenticity Deputy, and a Training Deputy. National Officers will be equally willing to sign off members of the Levy also.
:'''Training (MTO)'''
::In order to take part in the battle display, new members must have taken a battlefield safe test at a training session, and will have read and understood the Battlefield Combat Regulations.
:'''Wargear (MaA)'''
::They will have borrowed or otherwise acquired a spear and shield that meet the minimum MaA requirements.
:'''Kit and Authenticity (AO)'''
:: They will have be wearing a tunic, belted and rucked to knee level. Colours from the poor/middle class end of the spectrum (see the Regia colour chart.)  Note: Some members have expressed the concern that this means that new members are being penalised on first joining by only being given one hit. We prefer to regard it that a new member is being encouraged to pass their spear test quickly, acquire their basic equipment and achieve the minimum standard to take part in combat on the Regia battlefield. As soon as this standard is achieved; the combatant will progress in to Militia and have two hitsThese may be owned or borrowed.
===Level 2 – Militia – 2 Hits===

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