The Warrior System

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Welcome to the New Battlefield Format for Regia Anglorum. This document has been constructed over a number of years using the ideas and influence
of dozens of Regia Members, being finally completed over the winter of 2004 amid an unprecedented level of consultation with the membershipin early 2020. For thefirst time we are drawing The new system continues to draw together the diverse areas that affect the Regia Battlefield, looking at an individual combatant’s training, quality of kit, conduct, attendance, and the activities they undertake in the combat arena and outside of it, and for the most part, rewarding their efforts with a competitive edge.<br>The new format seeks system continues to value every combatant on the field, and recognises different types of contribution. It promises more competitive fighting as armies; as well as including a variety of areas to interest the individual combatant. These could include show-fighting, choreographed combat, and competitive single combat, all contained within the standard combat display. The Warrior System requires increased levels of sportsmanship, and increased input into the combat display as a combatant ascends through the rank structure. The new format recognises that there is a place for a variety of combat styles in Regia. It seeks to provide a structure within which every combatant can maximise their enjoyment, while doing more
to authentically recreate our period, and by doing so entertaining and educating our audience.