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Glass and Amber Working

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[[File:Glass.gif|thumb|left|Early Viking glass drinking vessels were largely conical, and about 120mm or 5 inches high, developing into the bag-beaker style later on.]]
Glass was used in a number of ways by the Saxons and Vikings; for drinking vessels, window glass, jewellery, enamelling and beads.
[[File:Glasbead.gif|thumb|right|A graphic of some of the more common bead styles.]]
Remains of glass making furnaces have been found in York and Glastonbury. There is further evidence for glass making in Kent, Jarrow, Barking Abbey, Gloucester and Lincoln, and Bede documents glass making in England. Traces of glass working have also been found at Ribe in Denmark and Hedeby in northern Germany, although finds of glass items come from all over Europe.
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