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The Living History Exhibit (LHE) forms half of most shows. It is a continuous display of life and crafts from the chosen dateline. It is where the military wargear is shown off. It is where questions can be asked by the public and fellow reenactors. More than that, the larger displays plunge the spectator into a pseudo-Mediaeval world, with the sights, smells, sounds and impression of a Dark Age encampment or village. These fantastical dioramas and melting pots of historical knowledge are the result of a hard-working team, who together with the LHE coordinator, will organise and manage the setup of all such displays.

The Living History Team

A list of the current members of the Living History Team can be found on the website.

View Living History Team
View Living History Team

Introduction to the Living History Exhibit & Site

The Living History Exhibit exists to represent and demonstrate to the public snapshots of daily life, activities and crafts from Regia’s period of interest.

It is open to the public all day and any member of Regia in kit must consider him/herself to be on duty while within its boundaries.

From 30 minutes before opening time until close all aspects of the LHE must be authentic and accurate.

Who Can Take Part?

Any competent member of Regia who is willing to abide by the site regulations, meet the authenticity standards necessary for close public scrutiny, and who is willing to take an active part when on site.

How it Works

The LHE is organized in “Wics” (an Old English word meaning a dwelling place, a lodging, habitation, camp, castle or house).

A wic may be one or more groups organized to share cooking and other daily tasks in order to free members to demonstrate crafts/talk to the public.

Individuals wishing to join the LHE may be attached to established Wics, either by personal negotiation or through the LHE Co-ordinator.

What a Wic Needs

A named Wic leader for the event

Shelter; Cooking utensils; Axe; Firebox; Fire extinguisher(s); Storage containers for food; Water Containers; Table; Seating; First Aid Kit

What each member needs

Appropriate soft kit for dateline, correct kit for ethnic background portrayed, geographical area of the show etc. and the task they plan to undertake, regardless of their normal group status.

Eating and drinking utensils and Authentic containers


Living History

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