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The intention of this section is to provide Regia members with a simple set of guides to assist them in knowing what items of kit are appropriate for certain datelines. All six of Regia’s periods are covered and it is hoped that members will use this information in the spirit in which it is intended, and not to seek to exploit ‘loopholes’ or push the boundaries of authenticity using the information they contain.

It is the intention of these guides that all items that are classed as Encouraged or Optional have either numerous provenances or alternatively come from well researched interpretations. Items with only a couple of provenances or more contentious interpretations are classed as Allowable.

Items listed as (R) are of very specific and restricted use and you should check against the Restricted pages (found at the end of Womens Clothing, Mens Clothing or Warriors chapters) to ensure that you can use them.

Items listed as (RICH) mean very high status items, strictly reserved for the noble classes; Thegns, Eorls, Barons, Dukes, high Church, Æthelings and Kings.


The Kit Guides show the recommended associated jewellery for each period. Currently Regia does not authenticate art styles in regards to jewellery although we do insist on jewellery being the correct shape. So for example, a disc brooch can be used in all periods no matter what its art style but Viking oval brooches can only be used before AD 980. It is hoped that those members who own multiple pieces of jewellery will attempt to wear the appropriate items when and where they can.

AO Special Mention
Please remember that ALL items must be worn in context to the character’s social rank and ethnic background being portrayed.

Avoid mixing and matching kit from different areas and cultures.

Where sizes are given they are approximate only and will vary somewhat depending on the wearer’s own size.

Note that items listed as (R) are considered restricted.

If something you would like to make or wear does not appear in the Event Kit Guides then check before making or wearing it for an event.

If in doubt about any item of kit please check with the Authenticity Officer first.


Kit Guides


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