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Generic - Warriors

Generic Warrior Equipment AD 793-1215

Although weapons and armour evolved considerably over Regia’s period of interest the following can be used at any event.

A spear is the primary weapon for all warriors throughout Regia’s period, grasped in one hand and used over-arm. A large wooden round shield is the primary form of defence, faced in leather or cloth and with an iron boss covering the centre grip. Additional weapons could include a seax, a large single edged knife; a simple non-bearded hand axe; or if they are very lucky, a sword with a tri-lobe, tea-cosy or Frankish style of pommel. Although sword styles changed noticeably these pommel types are deemed to be passable at all events.

Professional warriors are better armed and protected. They can wear a conical or domed shaped iron helmet, a ‘byrnie’ style of mail shirt and would usually carry a sword.

Simple wooden long-bows are used in all periods, as are javelins. The use of archery on the battlefield increases dramatically after the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The same can be said for cavalry. Before 1066 horses were rode to and from battle but the actual fighting was performed on foot. This was not the case in Europe and the Normans brought the mounted knight with them in 1066 for the years after.


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