English Women

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English Women

English Women's Fashion AD 793-899

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In the 9th century women wear the open palla. This is a large, light-weight rectangle of cloth worn draped over the head and shoulders. It was worn loose and open or else closed, clasped at the chest with a brooch. An alternative head-covering is the simple long scarf type veil, popular in both England and in Carolingian Europe, and worn loosely draped over the head and wrapped around the shoulders whilst leaving the neck showing.

The dresses are simple, ankle length and with tight sleeves to the wrist. Neck-holes are either round or oval, and can have a keyhole opening. Decoration, in the form of facings, embroidery or tablet weave, can be applied to the cuffs and neck-hole. Tied belts of simple braid or cloth, sometimes ending in twin delicate silver strap ends, can be worn, but never belts of leather.

For warmth a cloak can be worn, clasped at the chest by a large disc brooch of silver or copper alloy. Poorer women would close their cloak with ties, a pin of bone, iron or copper-alloy.

Shoes are of the simple, two-part turn shoe construction and are usually low, coming to below the ankle.

Silver is commonly used for jewellery. Art styles still follow the Germanic preference for intertwined stylistic beasts like the Trewhiddle style.



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