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Authenticity Guide

Kit Guide

Embroidery or any other forms of decoration are not recommended for Generic Kit as any kind of art style will automatically date your garment to a specific period.

Kit Guide
Description Encouraged Optional Allowable Unacceptable
Head Wimple or veil over a cap, headscarf or wide headband, and that shows the throat Cap worn by itself Headscarf (POOR), Hoods (POOR) Bareheaded women / teenage girls

Obviously dyed hair


Any tie or fillet worn over the head covering

Bead necklace
Under Shift Shift made from linen with a bias edged keyhole or oval neck hole

Natural linen

Tight sleeves
Tight sleeves with rucking

Dyed a light colour or bleached
Different colour square or round facing

Dyed a strong colour
Decoration other than embroidery

Visible shift above mid-calf

Broach worn at throat
Dress Woollen ankle length dress with keyhole or oval neck hole

Tight wrist length sleeves
Dress sleeves to mid forearm Dress made from linen

Overdress to mid shin (must be worn with ankle length shift)

‘Decorative’ brooch (RICH)
Dress above mid-shin

Different coloured gores or sleeves

Other decoration including chunky wool
Belt & Bags No belts or girdles Braided textile belt

Cloth sash in same material as garment worn with - dress or mantle

Leather or cloth satchels or sacks
Small drawstring or tagged pouches

Woven textile girdle (no dangling ends)

Hidden leather tie belt
Chunky wool girdle

Leather belts with buckles

Box pouch
Cloak Rectangular cloaks fastened with ties

Hanging length from knee to mid shin
Clasped at the chest with disc brooch Pinned with ringed pin, penannular

Edged with different coloured facing
Different coloured lining
Legs Bare Legs Leg wraps or bindings Trousers or hose if hidden

Shoes Low shoes or ankle boots (to bottom of ankle bone)

Bare feet
Nålebound socks

Tailored sewn cloth socks

Stockings (foot bags)
Foot wraps

Leg binding

Trousers with integral feet

Crocheted socks
Tall boots (higher than top of ankle bone)