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Authenticity Guide

Kit Guide

Kit Guide
Description Encouraged Optional Allowable Unacceptable
Helm Conical helm – riveted panels

Domed helm – riveted

Helms with aventails

Helms without nasals
Armour Mail shirt length from below groin to knee [RICH]

Unsplit or side split

6 - 8mm alternating riveted & welded

6 - 8mm riveted
Simple leather gloves

Leather jack, leather or cloth padded gambeson worn under mail
Shield Large flat round shields that extend past the elbow by 2” or more

Sewn on leather or rawhide edge

Painted in a single colour
Smaller shields that don’t cover the elbow

Nailed on leather or rawhide edge

Painted in a cross [E] or radiating curved lines [V]

Painted in up to 3 colours
Spear 1-handed spears 2-handed spears with blade of 8” – 16”
Knife Seaxes with blades from 7” to 10”

Wood Handles

Decorated knife sheath horizontally hung
Sword Swords with Tri-lobe, Five-lobe or Tea-Cosy pommels
Missiles Self-bow with arrows in quiver