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Authenticity Guide

Kit Guide

Kit Guide
Description Encouraged Optional Allowable Unacceptable
Helm Conical helm – riveted panels

Domed helm – riveted

Helms with aventails

Helms without nasals
Armour Mail shirt length from below groin to knee [RICH]

Unsplit or side split

6 - 8mm alternating riveted & welded

6 - 8mm riveted
Simple leather gloves

Leather jack, leather or cloth padded gambeson worn under mail
Shield Flat round shield
Spear 1-handed spears 2-handed spears with blade of 8” – 16”
Knife Seaxes with blades from 7” to 10”

Wood Handles

Decorated knife sheath horizontally hung
Sword Swords with Tri-lobe, Five-lobe or Tea-Cosy pommels
Missiles Self-bow with arrows in quiver