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Authenticity Guide

Kit Guide

Kit Guide
Description Encouraged Optional Allowable Unacceptable
Head Hood
Shirt Natural or bleached shirt made from linen with a bias edged keyhole or oval neck hole
Side split
TShirt made from wool
Dyed a light colour
Shirts with skirt gores
Square neck holes
Tunic Tunics made of wool
Rucked up to knee length with tight rucked sleeves
Keyhole or oval neck hole with bias edging
Tunics made of linen
Neck hole closed with ties
Tunics with hems that end up to 2” above the knee
Belt & Bags Buckled leather belt or cloth tie hidden by tunic
Small knife in sheath
Split end leather belt
Leather or cloth satchels or sacks
Small drawstring pouch
Cloak Rectangular cloaks pinned at shoulder with disc brooch, ringed pin or pennanular
Hanging length from waist to knee
Edged with different coloured facing
Legs Wool trousers or hose tight to legs
Bare legs
Leg bindings worn spirally around the lower leg
Trousers or hose with integral feet
Shoes Low shoes or ankle boots (to bottom of ankle bone)
Bare feet
Nålebound socks