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Authenticity Guide

Buckets from our period may be either wider at the top, wider at the bottom or parallel sided. Hoops should ideally be made from wooden laths or withies but thin semi-circular or triangular section iron bar is allowable. Buckets handles may be of iron or made from an authentic cordage.
RICH Viking or English characters may own a copper-alloy hooped or plated bucket. These buckets may have either iron or copper-alloy handles.

Wooden hoops (Encouraged)

Simple wooden buckets bound with wooden materials. Handles can be made of wood, rope or iron. Staves are made from oak, yew, ash or pine. Bindings of yew, ash, pine, hazel, willow, alder, fir and maple. Either as withies or laths. Base plates are constructed from planks doweled together.
Some buckets were made from hollowed out logs. They have a separate base inserted into a notch. Usually bound in withies. Just like stave buckets, they have two extended handle-staves for attaching the handle to.

Thin iron hoods (Optional)

An alternative to using wooden withies or laths to bind a bucket is to use thin iron hoops. These are usually semicircular in cross-section.

Copper-alloy hoops (Optional/Allowable)

Copper-alloy bound buckets are usually of Irish manufacture and a number of them have been found in Norway. Handles can be of either iron or copper-alloy. Instead of a handle some buckets have four iron carrying rings. Some of these buckets are reinforced with thin iron hoops between the brass hoops.
These buckets are classed as Restricted and may only be used by RICH characters.

Wide Iron hoops (Unacceptable)

No wooden buckets with visible wide iron hoops. Wide metal hoops can be made allowable by being hidden under wooden laths, withies or a copper-alloy strip. Using copper-alloy would restrict the bucket to RICH characters.

Kit Guide

Kit Guide
Description Very Early
Very Late
Stave construction Encouraged
hollowed log Encouraged
Bound with natural materials Encouraged
Bound in thin iron hoops Optional
Bound in wide iron hoops Unacceptable
Bound with Copper-alloy [RICH] Optional RICH Allowable RICH Allowable RICH Unacceptable Unacceptable Unacceptable
Handles of wood, rope or iron Encouraged
4 rings instead of a handle Optional Allowable Allowable Unacceptable Unacceptable Unacceptable