Angevin - Women

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Angevin - Women

Women's Fashion AD 1180-1215

This period sees the introduction of the small open veil, an oval of white, cream or undyed cloth simply draped over the head, leaving the throat exposed. The hood like wimple is also sometimes still seen. The barbette, a fashion from southern France, is just starting to appear in the royal courts by the end of the period. Worn with an open wimple the barbette is a tight band worn under the chin and tied to the top of the head.

Dresses are very simple, ankle length with sleeves worn close to the wrist. Another popular style is the Magyar sleeve, which is loose at the upper arm with a wide join to the body of the dress creating a 'batwing' effect, and tight to the forearm. Rich women wear dresses with complicated tailoring, a tight bodice and a lot of fabric in the skirt. Most dresses are undecorated and dresses with loose or bliaut style sleeves would have appeared very old fashioned at this time.

Long tablet woven belts become fashionable, knotted or buckled at the waist and long enough to hang past the knees.

The ring style annular brooch is now almost worn exclusively having replaced the disc brooches of the previous centuries.



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