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Officer's Rulings

For under-layer see Under Shifts
For outer-layer clothing see Women's Cloaks and Coats


Very Early to Early (RESTRICTED)

  1. Hangerocks can only be worn by pagan Vikings. In Britain this would usually be a first generation settler. Hangerocks must not be worn at events after AD 979.
  2. There are a number of Hangerock styles that can be worn: A-line style, wrap around with separate apron and the pleated Kostrup style. The front and back tabbard style as commonly seen in older books on the Vikings are considered Unacceptable.
  3. No Hangerocks may be worn without accompanying tortoise brooches or other culturally correct paired brooches. The main alternatives to tortoise brooches are the Gotland animal headed brooches. These can only be worn by a character in distinctive Gotlandic kit. Gotlandic items must not be mixed with other Viking kit. Other alternatives could be disc brooches or converted Carolingian strap ends but these would have to be approved by the Authenticity Officer before being allowed. Trefoil brooches or equal armed brooches are not acceptable alternatives.
  4. Women wearing hangerocks may only have one string of beads between the brooches except for those portraying a RICH woman who may have two.
  5. A small disc brooch can be worn at the throat to close the neck of the dress or shift worn under the Hangerock. Viking disc brooches tend to be concave in cross section in contrast to the flat styles worn by English women.