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The running of Regia Anglorum is co-ordinates by the societies 24 officers. Although each officer has a specific remit as laid out by the societies 'Code of Law' they all work together to achieve the aims of the society.

  1. Business Manager (BM)
  2. Eolder
  3. General Secretary (GS)
  4. Lawspeaker
  5. Treasurer
  6. Authenticity Officer (AO)
  7. Living History Co-ordinator (LHC)
  8. Military Training Officer (MTO)
  9. Master at Arms (MAA)
  10. Membership Officer (MO)
  11. Chair (CHW)
  12. Health and Safety Coordinator (HSC)
  13. Equestrian Co-ordinator (EC)
  14. Communications Officer (CO)
  15. Publicity Officer (PO)
  16. Maritime Officer (MarO)
  17. Ecclesiastical Officer (EcclO)
  18. Missiles Officer (MiO)
  19. First Aid Coordinator (FAC)
  20. Merchandising Officer (MeO)
  21. Wychurst Project Coordinator (WPC)
  22. Overseas Liaison Officer (OLO)
  23. Research Coordinator (RC)
  24. Web/Internet Officer (WIO)


The Witan

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